Virtual Admin

Companies of all shapes and sizes adopt technology like Salesforce to help
them scale their business and power their relationship with their customers.
But not all companies can afford to invest in both the technology and the
expertise early on to properly build the type of foundations or make the
important improvements to maintain a healthy CRM. On top of that, the type of
domain expertise required to compete with larger competitors certainly doesn’t
come cheap.

Jameson Strategies is proud to help shorten the gap by providing
the Virtual Admin service. We believe that giving companies that are growing,
access to expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time-equivalent will help
them to build better businesses early on, especially within their Go-to-Market
team. Get confidence that your Salesforce instance is managed correctly and
trust that you will have an expert in your corner making sure you are always at
the cutting edge of new technology, processes, and data.

The Virtual Admin Service is broken into three tiers of service depending on
what your business needs. Listed also is the money saved a year based on
average full-time-equivalent costs for the required degree of expertise.

Jameson Strategies provides a free assessment of your business needs and
current Salesforce set up to help you decide what tier makes most sense for