RevOps-as-a-Service (ROaaS)

What is RevOps-as-a-Service (ROaaS)?
Companies of all shapes and sizes adopt technology like Salesforce to help them scale their business and power their relationship with their customers. But not all companies can afford to invest in both the technology and the expertise early on to properly build the type of foundations or make the important improvements to maintain a healthy CRM. Additionally finding talent to properly bring together all go-to-market teams and stakeholders is challenging when still growing. By employing a ROaaS model, businesses can get access to enterprise grade expertise in a more affordable and efficient way that is integral for growth stage businesses. Additionally this model allows startups to benefit from revenue operations when normally they would be unable to afford such talent.
What does it cost? 
Our RevOps-as-a-Service is broken into service tiers depending on what your business needs and starts as low as $660 a month for a quarterly commitment.

What are some specific ways Jameson Strategies can help? 
With revenue operations the list can be vast, however, some things we are commonly asked to support are:


- Salesforce Implementation

- Migration From One CRM To Another

- CRM Clean-up/Facelift

- Marketing Automation Integration to Salesforce
- Sales Funnel Design

- Revenue Technology (3rd Party Tools) Evaluation/Implementation

- CRM And Tooling Administration

- Forecasting

- Sales/Marketing Reporting & Dashboards

- Revenue Strategy

- Customer Success Strategy/Tooling

- Sales Development Program Implementation

- Training

- … and more…


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