Cornerstone Package

A strong foundation is the best gift you can give your GTM team. Setting up Salesforce right from the beginning will lead to happy users, and a better performing business. Jameson Strategies is happy to offer this complete package targeted at businesses starting their journey in Salesforce or those who need to adjust their instance to better suit their business. We approach this with the following principles:

Operational Art

  • We combine both Revenue strategy with technical design, you are not getting dev first designs, you are getting a solution designed for users in mind.

Avoid Footnotes

  • Everytime you change the data strategy, CRM design, fields, process, etc, you open up to the chance of creating footnotes in your GTM reporting. This is bad for businesses looking for investment.

Blueprints for Success

  • Your entire build will be documented from the ground up. This gives you and any future hires a complete guidebook on how your tools are set up and allows for continued scale. 
Cornerstone Package Overview